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A plug and play style hot tub is a spa that operates from a standard power outlet, on 120 volts. Usually a GFCI power cord comes with the spa.

Other plug and play type spas include inflatable spas that also plug into a standard power outlet.


Setting up a plug and play hot tub is usually as easy as positioning the hot tub, filling it with water and plugging it in.

Follow manufacturer directions when installing or assembling any hot tub products.



About Plug and Play Hot Tubs

A plug and play spa means the hot tub owner just needs to inflate or install the spa, fill it with water from the garden hose and plug it in to a standard power outlet.

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Not every P&P hot tub is created the same. If you are ever thinking about converting from 110v to 220v operation, be sure your spas's power pack is convertible.

All the Plug and Play 120 volt hot tubs sold on Hot Tub Outpost are of the convertible type.


Plug and Play Water Quality

A smaller inflatable may just be emptied after use whereas the larger, more permanent acrylic spas require the same use of water sanitizing that larger hot tubs do.



Plug and Play Spa


Some hot tubs are convertible plug and play spas. That means they can be upgraded at a later date to 230v and to a bigger 4kw heater without needing to install any other hardware. A simple reconfiguration and wiring of the current product is all that is needed for a convertible plug and play to provide 4kw or more of heat instead of 1kw as is limited by using 1 power line operating at 120 volts.