There are many questions about finding a lower cost portable spa.




Are used spas an option?

Well sometimes you can get a free one from a relative or friend. Then it would pay to get a tub of Ahh-Some to get rid of built up biofilm in the plumbing lines and make some minor updates, repairs and keep on keepin on. You may need to replace pillows if the spa has/had them and definitely replace the cartridge filter.

What about a 120v plug and play spa - what are the benefits?

For one, benefits or plug and play are easy installation - just fill spa and plug it in to either a standard 15 amp wall outlet or a dedicated 20 amp wall outlet depending on what the spa requirements are.

All the Plug and Play 120 volt hot tubs sold on Hot Tub Outpost are of the convertible type.



Convertible Plug and Play Spas


Some hot tubs are convertible plug and play spas. That means they can be upgraded at a later date to 230v and to a bigger 4kw heater without needing to install any other hardware. A simple reconfiguration and wiring of the current product is all that is needed for a convertible plug and play to provide 4kw or more of heat instead of 1kw as is limited by using 1 power line operating at 120 volts.