Hot Tub Services

Hot Tub Service


If service should become required on a hot tub, there are many ways to go about getting a problem solved.

Hot Tubs Under Warranty
First, if the spa is under warranty, simply call or contact the selling dealer and arrange a warranty service call or warranty parts to be shipped out.

Otherwise you can decide if you need to call a freelance spa tech (local pool and spa repair person), or if you are a diy person and will undergo the repair yourself.

If the problem is a simple one and you are qualified to troubleshoot and fix the problem, then diy is less expensive because not only do you save on the labor charge and any trip travel time from the service person, but you also can get the parts cheaper online.

That being said, if you are not qualified to work on electrical appliances such as a hot tub and the problem involves getting close to electrical lines etc.., then it is best to leave the repair to a professional. Exchanging a filter, pillow, cover and other parts like that are easy though and usually do not require a service tech. But when in doubt, hire it out!

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  • Troubleshooting

  • Hot Tub Problems

  • Troubleshooting a hot tub problem usually involves a "divide and conquer" approach in order to isolate a problem component that may require repair or replacement.

Often times, a pump or heater is blamed for a problem, when the problem is actually something completely different.

The topside control panel error message is a good place to start if there is one. For example, dy means dry heater. Message us if you have a question about repairing your spa.




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  • Water Maintenance

  • Many hot tub problems have their root with poor water maintenance. Understanding the basics of how to keep your hot tub water clean and bacteria-free are essential to successfully operating a hot tub.
  • Maintaining the water will also save on costly equipment repair or replacement as there is less chance a leak will develop at a critical seal which could fail due to poor water chemistry.
  • The heater element in a flow through type spa heater is also succeptible to calcium buildup and other issues that may arise if the pH level is not maintained in the hot tub.

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  • Hot Tub Parts

  • Most any hot tub part is now available online. If you need a pump, heater or other component, contact us to find the part you need.

Hot Tub Accessories
Keep a spare filter on hand and clean filter at least every 2 weeks. Replace spa filters annually.


Hot Tub Problems

    Hot tub problems can be wide ranging from a leak to a pump or heater failure. Sometimes a relay may get stuck or be defective on a circuit board and other times the ozonator will stop working. A short circuit may occur because of a failed component such as a blower that gets water inside of it. So rather than being overwhelmed, just have the repair person isolate the problem to a particular spa component.


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If you are in Eastern Iowa or Southern Ontario Canada and require service, send us an email and will provide contact information for a qualified repair tech near you in case you need one.
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