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Which Accessories are Popular with Spa Owners



MSPA Bubble Spa Camaro Portable Hot Tub B130 - MSPA Bubble Spa Camaro Portable Hot Tub - B130Popular accessories for spa owners include safety rails and steps, a good hot tub cover, cover lifter and spa steps.

Other items include an ozonator to cut down on using chlorine or bromine, a cover lift device to help open and close the spa cover (especially thicker winter spa covers) and other popular accessories include hot tub games and supplies.

Hot tub chemicals are needed to balance the water. Filters should be cleaned regularly and exchanged annually.

The rubber duck is a staple at tending to the spa when no one is in it. Some rubber ducks actually double as chemical dispensers.

A hot tub pad can provide a surface under the spa if a concrete slab is not poured. Alternatively, some owners have had decent results with just compacting the surface and laying down patio blocks.

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hot tub Hot tubs winter covers can save energy.

A Winter Cover is one that can withstand a snow load and keep the water warm.



Cover Size

Q? - Northen Climate Cover Size

The spa cover is the most instrumental in saving energy and keeping the heat in. A 5 inch thick cover that is tapered to 5-4" is a good sized cover for winter use. The extra thickness over the standard 3 inch thick cover will provide for additional insulation and avoid heat loss out of the top of the spa.


Are there steps available?

Spa steps will help spa visitors get in and out of the spa without problems. There are also 3-tier steps with handrails although a 2-tier step is usually all that is needed.


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Hot Tub Accessories

Spa Accessories

Other accessories include music such as a built in stereo or a patio sound system with waterproof, outdoor speakers. LED lighting is very popular to establish an ambient mood. The easiest LED lighting to add to a spa is by an LED lightbulb which can also be retrofitted. These bulbs provide a rainbow of color and enhance your spa experience.

Aromatherapy. Spa fragrances can simply be added to the water. They come in crystal or liquid form and are available in many different scents.

Enjoy your hot tub by adding the right accessories!


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