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Plug and Play 120 Volt Hot Tubs


Discounted spas come in a wide variety of flavours:


Factory Direct Discounted Spas - main line *acrylic

Factory Direct Seconds (discounted scratch and dent hot tubs)

Inflatable Spas

Portable Spas


Used Spas on Ebay, Craigslist, Kijiji and from Factory Direct Trade-Ins. If you get one of these, you will need to clean the plumbing lines before getting in! Use Ahh-Some biofilm cleaner for hot tubs to ungunk your used spa.


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A: Because we know the spa business and can help you save hundreds or even thousands. If not, you won't be pestered by some salesman - we only respond to your enquiries and never spam your email in-box. We never sell your information to third parties - so 1 email for 1 email - no risk to ask.


We can also inform you of upcoming factory seconds that you buy directly from the factory at deep discount sale prices.



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Enjoy your new hot tub spa. Need tips on where to place it, shoot us an email.




Portable Spas are now easier to own due to our new water treatment systems. From salt water spas to enzyme treatments, ask us about how taking care of your spa can be EZ-PZ.


Discount Portable Hot Tubs

A discount just means you don't pay retail and fork over hard-won money to support all the overhead of a retail store and the inefficient distribution chain that goes along with it.

Portable soft sided spas include Mspa Bubble Spa, Spa In A Box, Smartub and Softub.
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