Plug and Play Spas

Plug and Play 120 Volt Hot Tubs


Popular Plug and Play spa models include 2 person spas, 3 person corner spas, 4-6 person intermediate sized spas and large 7-8 person spas.

4 person spa

Plug & Play (convertible)

  • Dimensions: 80 1/2" L x 56 1/2" W x 30" D
  • Gallons: 240 U.S.
  • Lucite ABS-Backed Acrylic Shell in Blue Denim
  • 120V/15A GFCI protected cord included
  • 10 Jets including:
    • (2) lower back adjustable vortex jets
    • (2) mid back pressure jets
    • (2) lower back adjustable vortex jets (bench seat)
    • (4) upper back pressure jets (bench seat)
  • 1 1/2 HP two-speed Hi-Flow pump
    • 1000 watt heater converts to 4 kw at 240V operation if desired
    • Weather Guard™ Maintenance-Free Cabinet (redwood color)
  • Balboa digital electronic controls
  • Weather resistant lockable flex cover (teak) or upgrade to a hard cover.


  • Made in the U.S.A. – Get it at Hot Tub Outpost


Sale Price:: US $3,159

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3 person spa Riviera
  • Riviera Corner Spa - 3 Person Hot Tub
  • Dimensions: 88" L x 72" W x 29 1/2" D

  • Gallons: 240 gallon water capacity
  • Lucite ABS-Backed Acrylic in Silver Marble Color
  • 120V/15A GFCI protected cord included
  • (12) Jets including:
    • (4) lower back adjustable vortex jets
    • (2) Mid Back Adjustable Vortex Jets
    • (2) Lower Back Adjustable Pressure Jets
    • (1) Lower Neck Adjustable Pressure Jet
    • (2) Upper Back Rotational Jets
    • (1) Fixed euro pressure/ozone jet

  • 1 1/2 MBHP two speed Hi-Flow pump
  • Weather-Guard™ maintenance-free cabinet (redwood color)
  • 1000 watt heater and Heat Recovery System*
    • Converts to 4 kw at 240V operation (Electrician required)

  • Balboa electronic controls

  • Made in the U.S.A. – Get it at the Hot Tub Outpost USA.
    *priced around $3,000

Sale Price:: US $3k

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2 Person Spa
  • dream star spa
  • 2 Person Dream Star Hot Tub

    Dimensions: 91" L x 42" W x 29" D

  • Gallons: 190 U.S.
  • Lucite ABS-Backed Acrylic in Blue Denim Color
  • 120V/15A GFCI protected cord included
  • 8 Massage Jets including:
    • (3) mid back pressure jets
    • (2) upper back pressure jets
    • (2) lower back adjustable vortex jets
    • (1) adjustable vortex foot jet

  • 3/4 MBHP Hi-Flow pump
  • Weather Guard™ Maintenance-Free Cabinet (redwood color)
  • Heat Recovery System - The heat from the pump is used to heat the spa.

  • Balboa digital electronic controls
  • Weather resistant lockable flex cover (teak) -
    upgrade to hard cover
  • Made in the U.S.A. – See it at
Sale Price:: US $2,697

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spa2go portable hot tub- cheap hot tubsMost hot tubs that are considered "Plug and Play" are fitted with a GFCI power cord. This means the GFCI or ground fault circuit interruptor protects the occupants of the hot tub from stray currrents that can lead to a shock hazard. Note that a circuit breaker is still required to avoid overloading that particular line.

With a dedicated power outlet, operating a plug and play spa is just as easy as filling the spa with water and plugging in the power cord. Make sure there is enough amperage on that particular power line (ie. the washing machine is not on the same household line) in order to assure proper supply of power to the spa.

Plug and play spas are also portable, so they can be moved from the house to the cottage or other vacation home without cumbersome electrical installation of dedicated power lines as required by 240 volt spas.

Question: What type of plug and play spas are there?

Answer: Since no electrician is required, basic plug and play spas start with the blow-up type soft-sided "hot tubs" and range from the low cost plastic shells and cabinets all the way up to Lucite or Aristech ABS backed acrylic shells like the big spas have.

Many times the covers on the lower cost models are soft-top covers or are made of other lower cost materials, but upgrading to a more sturdy hard cover for outdoor use is usually possible, or one can be obtained


Having a lockable hard cover not only keeps the energy savings in the spa, but also prevents uninvited guests from entering the spa during your absense.

Plug and play hot tubs can also be accessorized with spa steps, ozonator, LED light and other popular hot tub accessories.


Spa2Go Lime Green Control Panel

Plug and Play Spa Models:

    Plug and play spas are typically small to medium sized units that have a lower amount of jets and a smaller heater (or sometimes no heater at all) in order to provide a compact solution for an easy to set up spa.


  • Just Plug and Play!
  • 4 person plug and play 120v hot tubJet action - Plug and play spas either use an air blower to provide water agitation or an actual spa pump that circulates water through plumbing and spa jets.
  • Plug and Play heating - Heaters are typically the component in hot tubs that requires the most power.
  • In order to satisfy a power line limit on a power cord plugged into a dedicated outlet, the total amperage of the hot tub pump, pack and heater must be well under the amperage that could be supported on a single power line. In the U.K., this limit may be 13 amps.
  • In the U.S. it is typically 15 amps but can be 20 amps on some circuits. In the United States, most plug and play spas are configured to operate well below 15 amps in order to be able to be plugged into a power outlet that is serviced by a 15 amp breaker.

So after the spa pack and pump or blower have their consumption rated, the heater is left to operate on the remaining allocated amperage. This means that typically, heaters on plug and play spas must be kept in the 1kw or 1.5kw range (at 120v) as a higher amperage heater would not be suited for a 15 amp power line. Note that larger spas that operate at 240v usually require either a 50 amp or 60 amp breaker and a dedicated power line with properly sized and type of wire which is to be installed by a qualified electrician..

Blower vs. Pump - In larger spas, the air blower may be an option which produces champagne like bubbles to augment the water action. The bubbles do not produce a vigorous massage, but do add to the motion of the water, since it is air and not water that is pushed through the air plumbing lines and out of the air injectors into the water. A water pump has a suction within the spa that pulls in water and the water is then sent out of the discharge side of the spa pump, into the plumbing system and out of the water jets, producing a water or hydro-massage.

Super fast setup - This is where plug and play hot tubs shine. They are easy to roll into place, fill with water, plug into the wall outlet and start up. No expensive electrician or dedicated power lines are usually required.


Plug and Play Hot Tub Special

We will post specs here on specials we find on plug and play hot tubs.

For the best deals on plug and play hot tubs and 120 volt spas online, see Hot Tub Outpost.


Some models include 1 and 2 person units, 3 person corner units and 4 person spas. Plug and play models go all the way up to 5 or 6 person spas, but the features are limited in those units in order to accomodate the 120v power restriction and amperage restriction on a single dedicated household wall plug..




Plug and Play Spas are Easy to Set Up


Plug and Play Spa


Set up and Bubble

Setting up a plug and play spa is easy. Just put into place, just fill and plug in.

Other portable soft sided spas include Mspa Bubble Spa, Spa In A Box, Smartub and Softub.
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