Portable Spas

What makes a portable hot tub?



MSPA Bubble Spa Camaro Portable Hot Tub B130 - MSPA Bubble Spa Camaro Portable Hot Tub - B130First, a truly portable hot tub means you can move it easily from one location to the next. That would be an inflatable spa or other lightweight unit.

Another meaning to the words portable spa is one that can be moved by a few people if needed, so it is not an in-ground or fixed installation in the way a wall mounted television set is also portable even though it is attached to the wall.

A portable hot tub that does not require a fixed electrical installation is referred to as a plug and play spa. These only need to be filled with a hose and plugged into a dedicated power outlet. Dedicated, because you can't have the family fridge hooked up to the same 15A line and expect all to work out. However, if the line is mainly powering the spa, then it really is that simple. The hot tub comes with a GFCI protected cord, so the safety device is built right into the power cord.

Some people use the portable spa for a season and then move it or store it. Others leave the portable hot tub set up all year round. Most spas that come with self-contained plumbing and a spa skirt are considered portable spas, although you may need a few people to move the larger ones. 

hot tub Hot tubs can be operated in the winter and provide a hot retreat to a cold day.

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Winter Hot Tub

Q? - 3. Can the spa be left running year-round?

It depends on the ambient temperature where you live.

In winter, a plug and play hot tub needs to heat the water with a 1kw heater, which can take longer than more powerful heaters. If you decide to hard-wire the electrical connection with a 230v supply, then some convertible plug and play hot tubs will actually transform their heaters from 1kw into a 4kw heater at 230v with no retrofit needed. Simply have your electrician flip a switch and add a wire, and you have an instant, permanent installation with a more robust heater if needed.

Are all portable spas plug and play?

Just because you can move a spa does not automatically make it a plug and play hot tub. Similarly, just because you can plug it in to a wall outlet does not mean it will convert to 230v operation down the road if needed. If you are considering hard-wiring your spa for 230v instead of just plugging into a standard 120v outlet down the road, make sure it is a convertible plug and play spa to begin with to make this easy.

Be sure to clear up these points before buying one!


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Portable Hot Tub Bubbling Fun

Portable Spa

A portable spa does not fit on the roof of the car (unless it is an inflatable spa), but it can still be moved with a few friends to the cottage or a new location.

Setting up a Portable Spa is Easy. A plug n play portable spa will just plug into a standard power outlet with the provided 110v GFCI protected power cord.

Water Care

For optimum performance, maintaining the quality of the spa water is paramount.

Clean the filter cartridge and run the spa for a few months before needing to change the water.

Enjoy your portable hot tub spa.


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