Soft Tub

A soft sided hot tub is easy to move and set up.


There are Softubs and other soft sided tubs on the market.

Soft Tubs and soft sided tubs are designed for ease of use and are a truly portable spa. Instant massage just about anywhere...

Softub spas are a brand of spa that has become synonymous with soft sided hot tubs. The Softubs are available in several different models including the Softub 140, Softub 220 and Softtub 300. The soft sided tubs are plentiful.

Relaxing in a Softub hot tub has never been easier as you just plug it in, fill it up and enjoy the experience leaving you feeling rejuvinated and relaxed. Sooth mind, body and spirit simply!

Warm water stimulates the bodies production of endorphines which elevates mood as well as relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation.

The Softub and soft sided tubs models plug into a standard 110V household outlet and is available in a few different colours.


Softub Spa

Need a soft-sided tub? check it out

Softub and soft-sided tubs are easy to assemble, they provide many of the same health benefits that larger spas offer at a fraction of the cost, and above all else they are portable and plug into a standard outlet. They do not have a dedicated heater, but heat from the pump generated friction.

Setting up the Softub involves putting down straps on a level surface, locating the motor unit, attaching the unit to the plumbing with the provided clamps, smooth out wrinkles in the surface, fill and enjoy.

Other portable soft sided spas include Mspa Bubble Spa, Spa In A Box, Smartub and Spa2Go. See our inflatable spas.