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spa2go portable hot tub- cheap hot tubsEnjoy relaxing in your own hot tub spa with the simple to install and easy to enjoy Spa2Go portable spa.

Spa2GO is an inflatable spa that is ready to use in minutes without costly and complicated installation. Best of all, it is truly transportable so you can bring it camping, to a summer home or store it when not in use.

The round Spa2Go is 6 feet in diameter.
The spa is heated by the flow of water through the pump without a dedicated heater as most entry level portable hot tubs are. This efficient method of heating allows for 110 volt plug n play operation.

Hydromassage with the high cost. The new Spa2Go model for 2011 has more room and can fit four adults. The Spa2Go holds 250 gallons of water and soothes your aches and pains with heated turbojet waters.

The Spa2Go control panel allows for you to set your preferred temperature at the touch of a button. The Spa2Go Portable Spa features an air cushioned bottom, soft sides for reclining comfort and a locking cover. The circulation system includes a filter unit to make sure the water in the portable spa remains fresh and clear.

The Spa2Go features jets that force the surrounding water to massage the lower back, flow up the spine and over the shoulders for a truly invigorating experience. You'll feel like you are sitting in a luxury spa costing thousands more! Buy your Spa2Go portable spa online today and start enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy while not breaking the bank with your purchase.

Spa2Go portable spa hot tub - cheap hot tubs - discount hot tubsSpa2Go Filtration System:

The Spa2Go filtration system is the same type as found in Spa-N-A-Box. This type of filtration system has water intakes on the top, water discharge on the bottom.

The Spa2Go should be plugged into a standard electrical outlet at all times in order to maintain the water temperature. When first filling Spa2Go it can take 24-48 hours for the water to reach the set temperature.

We don't offer this one at the moment, but still have some lids left.

See the Coleman LayZSpa as a great alternative in this price class.

Spa 2 Go Portable Spa with Micro Jets

Hydromassage can ease back pain and provide a deep massage as well as heat treatment. The Spa2Go is easily setup almost anywhere and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Less portable spas can weigh hundreds of pounds making them a more permanent solution which can also cost more to install as they can require an electrician to install additional electrical lines and breakers. This spa is easy to assemble out of the box and one of the most affordable solutions to spa ownership and the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The spa has three large rings that are blown up to form the spa wall. The bottom of the spa is also blown up with the provided air pump. Then you hook up the spa heater,fill the spa with a garden hose and plug in to a 110V outlet. The included instructions provide step by step pictures and advice on how long to circulate the water on the intial fill before adding the necessary spa chemicals. The spa can easily be set up in half an hour although it will take longer until you can actually use it for the first time as the water must heat itself to a comfortable temperature.

The cushioned bottom does not have formed seats, but provides for comfortable, supported seating. The feel of sitting on an inflated bottom is softer than hard acrylic surfaces.

When buying this hot tub online, it is prepackaged with a filter but note that the unit does not ship with any chemicals so you will need to order a starter set of Spa2Go Chemicals either from the Spa2Go vendor or elsewhere online. At that time it is best to order another replacement filter so you have one when you need to change the filter.

The maximum selectable water temperature is 104 degrees F.
The unit also ships with an inflatable "bladder" that floats on the water and helps to maintain the spa temperature and also a reflective foil-lined fabric cover that fits over the bladder. The cover has elastic snaps with extra safety locks for when the spa is not in use.

The standard factory warranty is 1 year parts and 90 days labor and is based on the details found in the factory issued limited warranty received by the purchaser on each new Spa2Go hot tub..

Spa2Go Questions and Reviews:
The Spa2Go is much cheaper than a fixed hot tub installation both from an acquisition cost and also from an installation cost standpoint. This spa is completely portable, easy to set up and easy to own.

The downside: The spa has no actual jets plumbed into the wall of the spa. It uses a blower/agitator to churn the water and produce a churning action that helps relaxation. The blower is somewhat loud as most blowers are and acts to cool the water in the process. Some report loosing 1 degree every 15 minutes or so while others report as much as 3 and 4 degrees of temperature loss. If you can start the session at maxium temperature, going through 2 to 3 of the 15 minute massage cycles should still leave the water at around 100 degrees depending on the ambient temperature. It will then take a few hours to regain water temperature once covered.

If the spa will mainly be used by a single person or a few people in one sitting, this is one of the lowest cost spas on the market. If prolonged outdoor use is part of your desire, then a less portable but better equipped and more expensive spa may be what is needed. Still for the price this unit delivers true portability, ease of setup and a relaxing hot water spa.

Question: Is there available seating for either the Spa2Go or the Spa-N- A-Box?

Answer: The Spa 2 Go Portable Hot Tub has an inflatable seat on the bottom so that you will not be directly sitting on the floor. The Spa-N-A-Box does not have a seat. It does have foam that goes on the bottom for a little bit of cushion underneath. This spa is not tall enough for it to have seats and if customers do put something in there as a seat, they will be positioning themselves too high. They risk not getting the bubble action directly on their back.

Question: What if the material tears, can it be repaired?

Answer: Spa2Go comes with a repair kit in the case of damage to the material. The kit is similar to that for repairing a bicycle tire.

Question: Are there any estimates on monthly electric charges for the Spa2Go?

Answer: Spa2Go is said to use as much electricity as a 75 watt light bulb when running. The pump does not run all of the time, but only as necessary to maintain the set temperature or when called to provide a hydromassage. Some estimates are $6-$10/mo. depending on power costs and also ambient outdoor temperature. The spa will cost more to run during cold winter months as the pump must run longer to maintain the temperature.

The chemicals used in the spa are standard spa chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. The manufacturer recommends avoiding BaquaSpa chemicals as they may damage the seals. The spa water should be changed every 3-6 months or as needed depending on use.

Spa2Go Lime Green Control Panel

Spa 2 Go Portable Spa Features:

    Featuring the lowest-priced portable spa in the States.
  • No Electrician Needed to install additional costly wiring
  • Use indoors or out! Winter or Summer!
  • True portability
  • Amazing MicroAir jet action - The Spa2Go exclusive Turbo Massage pre-warmed air jet system moves the water all around the spa -- not just on one side!
  • Soothes & revitalizes your body while relaxing tired muscles! - Warmed air literally erupts at high velocity via 100+ MicroAir jets in the portable spa for an amazing sensory experience.
  • Updated Design - The spacious new round-shaped Spa2Go also has an improved 2-stage filter, pump and control system. Replaces the obsolete octagon-shaped 2003 Spa2Go model.
  • Super fast setup - Just 3 simple steps to set up: plug in to standard outlet, inflate using spa motor, and fill with your garden hose. The Spa2Go is designed with state of the art technology plus innovation, making it a totally portable spa. It fits easily into those hard to get to locations - both indoors and out!
  • Built as strong as a Whitewater Raft - The Spa2Go's incredibly tough SK80 vinyl construction uses the same durable and resilient material found in white water rafts to deflect pulling, tearing, and punctures, for many years of trouble free use.
  • Plug-n-Play - Super-Easy setup in about 10 minutes. Uses standard wall outlet... No costly 240 volt wiring or special plumbing! Simply fill the Spa2Go with a garden hose and plug it in to a 110 volt dedicated outlet..
  • Locking Cover + InsulAir included - Your Spa2Go includes an attractive locking soft cover to keep the spa clean plus a floating InsulAir bladder, providing a thermal barrier for energy savings.
  • Great for arthritis or restless leg syndrome

Spa2Go Portable Spa Specifications:

  • Includes: Locking cover and 1 filter (chemicals sold seperately)
  • Capacity: 3-4 Adults
  • Gallons: 250
  • Outer diameter: 74" (excluding power pack)
  • Inner diameter: 58"
  • Height: 28"
  • Unit weight: 68 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 1.3
  • Filled weight: 2245 lbs.
  • Loading: 76 lbs./sq. ft (excluding people)
  • Cover: Locking soft cover (4 locks) included
  • InsulAir: Included
  • Massaging Turbo Blower: 1 HP
  • Pump: Fractional HP Circulation Pump
  • Heater: Stainless steel, 1000W
  • Heat rise: Approx. 1-1 1/2 degrees/hr
  • Temperature control: User adjustable; 104F max.
  • There are over 100 air jets welded into the entire area of the spa
  • Temperature controls: Solid State
  • Filtration system: 15 SF Cartridge
  • Replacement Filter Cartridge: FC9902
  • GFCI Protection: Yes
  • Comfort: Air-filled Bottom Cushion
  • Construction: Ultra SK80 Vinyl - Gulf Grey Interior
  • Power Requirement: 110-120 VAC, 15A
  • Power Cable: 10 ft. cord
  • Current Draw: Only 12 amps with heater & all features operating
  • Cartons: One: 21" x 24" x 20"
  • U.S. Electrical Listing: ETL to UL standard 1563
  • Europe/Canada Listings: CE & CSA
  • Setup Time: 10 Minutes (typical)


How to set up the Spa2Go:

Step 1 - Unfold Spa 2 Go Liner into a flat position.
Step 2 - Use inflator hose.
Connect to power pack on the air blower side (right) to inflate spa.
Inflate three valves plus interior floor.
Step 3 - Connect all three power pack fittings to spa.
Hand Tighten Only! Then fill with garden hose.
Step 4 - Fill inflatable insulation bladder with inflator hose.
Step 5 - Place inflatable insulation bladder over Spa2Go. Push all sides down to fit tight.
Step 6 - Place top over Spa2Go then line up 8 cover locks.

Spa to Go currently unavailable - see LayZSpa above, spatogo, Spa in a box, snappy spa


Spatogo is a portable spa that is easy to set up.


Spa2Go Portable Spa


Inflatable spas are easy to assemble, they provide many of the same health benefits that larger spas offer at a fraction of the cost, and above all else they are portable and plug into a standard outlet. They do not have a dedicated heater, but heat from the pump generated friction.

Setting up the Spa2Go or most inflatable spas involves inflating the unit and assembling it as per manufacturers instructions. Setup time is usually about half an hour. After it is assembled and put into place, just fill and plug in.

Other portable soft sided spas include Mspa Bubble Spa, Spa In A Box, Smartub, LayZSpa and Softub.

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Spa2Go is is gone from our site, but the Coleman LayZSpa is a popular winner:

The new Coleman LayZSpa has hundreds of positive reviews.


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